How to Find a Myrtle Beach Winter Rental

As we roll into August it’s that time of year when many people’s thoughts begin to turn to where they’re going to spend the winter months. Some snowbirds are just tired of going the whole way to Florida and are hoping to find something closer to the northern relatives they leave behind every year. Others that are newly retired are faced with the opportunity to spend part of their winter in a warmer climate for the first time in their lives.

Myrtle Beach winter rentalMany of our vacation rentals that are available on a weekly basis during the summer months are rented out affordably by the month during the winter. You can find and secure a Myrtle Beach winter rental from a large assortment of homes starting at this time of the year. If spending any part of your winter here is something you’ve decided you want to do, it’s important to act sooner rather than later when it comes to securing a Myrtle Beach winter rental.

These rentals are fully furnished and the utilities are covered. Amenities vary from place to place so read carefully to be sure where you’re staying supplies everything you need for an enjoyable stay. For example, not all rentals have Internet service or phones.

For convenience sake, you probably won’t want a unit that doesn’t have a washer/dryer if you’re going to be staying for a month or more. Keep in mind that location, unit size and amenities offered all affect the price. Before you start looking decide what’s important to you and then use our search engine to fine tune the results.

If you’d like to talk with us at Beachcomber Vacations about our winter rentals we can be reached by calling toll free 1-800-334-3798.