Posted on 3/1/2024

Celebrate Spring with Festive March Events in North Myrtle Beach

Springtime in North Myrtle Beach is a vibrant celebration of new beginnings and festive events, bringing the community together. As the warm sunshine and blooming flowers herald the arrival of spring, North Myrtle Beach comes alive with exciting events. There's no better way to enjoy these celebrations than by staying in the comfort and convenience of a North Myrtle Beach vacation home, where you can experience life as a local.

St. Patrick's Day Festival & Parade

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Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 16th, and head to Main Street in North Myrtle Beach to experience the St. Patrick's Day Parade, a highlight of the month's festivities. This vibrant parade showcases a spectacular display of floats, marching bands, and performers, all adorned in the spirited greens of Ireland. Following the parade, the celebration continues with a festival that captures the heart of Irish culture and spring's jubilant mood. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere with traditional Irish music, dance, and many food and craft vendors. It's a day-long celebration where the community and visitors come together to enjoy the fun and festivity that epitomizes the luck of the Irish!

Barefoot Bunny Hop

Join the community for a delightful spring celebration at the Barefoot Bunny Hop, scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd, starting at 11:00 am over at Barefoot Landing. This enchanting event is a must-attend for families, offering an afternoon filled with fun, laughter, and the joy of spring. Children and adults can partake in various activities, including face painting, balloon artistry, and the festive bunny hop dance. It's an excellent opportunity to bask in the beautiful spring weather, enjoy the company of the North Myrtle Beach community, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Don't miss out on this springtime extravaganza that promises to bring smiles to faces of all ages!

42nd Annual North Myrtle Beach Easter Egg Hunt

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Celebrate a cherished spring tradition with the 42nd Annual North Myrtle Beach Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 30th, starting at 11:00 am. This beloved event is a family highlight, set against the scenic backdrop of North Myrtle Beach's inviting parks. The excitement begins promptly as children of all ages eagerly await the start signal to hunt for colorful, hidden, surprise-filled eggs. Alongside the egg hunt, enjoy a morning filled with festive games, delightful crafts, and engaging activities to delight the entire family. It's a fantastic way to engage with the community, enjoy the outdoors, and celebrate the joyous spirit of spring and Easter. Make sure to arrive early to revel in the entire experience and create lasting memories with your loved ones at this much-anticipated annual event.

This March, discover the allure of North Myrtle Beach. Its festive events and warm community await youâ"delight in the St. Patrick's Day Parade's vibrant energy. Enjoy family fun at the Barefoot Bunny Hop. Cherish the beloved Easter Egg Hunt. Celebrate spring's joy in every moment. Choose a North Myrtle Beach vacation home for your stay. Immerse yourself in local events with true local essence. Relish the convenience, comfort, and charm of your coastal retreat. Now is the time to create those unforgettable moments this spring in North Myrtle Beach.

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