Beach Bag Essentials for your Next Vacation

Beach Bag Essentials for your Next Vacation

Are you headed to North Myrtle Beach for your next vacation? Nothing says vacation like spending the week at the beach soaking up the sun. When staying in one of our Oceanfront Condo rentals, having the right items in your beach bag will help make your vacation much better. Be sure to pack your beach bag with the essentials to guarantee a relaxing vacation with your family.

Beach Bag Essentials

A Beach Bag

Beach Bag Essentials for your Next Vacation

Making sure you have the right beach bag can make all the difference for your family. Sure, you can throw all of your items into any bag, but did you know that all beach bags were not created equal. We suggest looking at the size, water and sand resistance, security and stylish when searching for your bag. We have found that even using a backpack, diaper bag or a large utility tote bag works perfect as a beach bag.

Beach Towels

Be sure to pack a beach towel for everyone in the family whether you will sit in the sun or play in the ocean. Having an extra towel with you is always a good idea especially if you have little ones with you. To make sure that each family member has their own towel, allow them to pick out a beach towel that they like from the store. That is a good way to keep track of whose towel belongs to who. And if you are looking for a little more storage with your towel, you can sew one end of the towel to make pockets. The pockets can hold a few select things such as sunscreen or sunglasses.


Beach Bag Essentials for your Next Vacation

The sun in North Myrtle Beach can be brutal, especially during the summer months so sunscreen is a must for any beach bag. Use a sunscreen that is designed for your beach activities such as waterproof, sport, high SPF, etc.). Dermatologists recommend that you use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF while you are enjoying the sunshine. And don’t forget to Reapply throughout your day as we don’t want you to ruin your vacation the very first day your here with a sunburn. If you do happen to get a little too much sun while on vacation, then make sure you have some aloe in your bag or back in your vacation rental.

Water-Resistant Phone Pouch

Between the water, sun and sand, the beach is filled with many things that can damage your phone. Bringing a water-resistant pouch to the beach can be a lifesaver for many. If you are unable to find a water-resistant pouch before you leave for spring break, you can grab a sandwich bag or Ziploc bag. Both of these items will keep your phone and other electronic devices safe from the elements of the beach. If you do happen to get some water on your phone, soak your phone in a bowl full of rice to help get the moisture out.

Reading Material

Beach Bag Essentials for your Next Vacation

One way that you can improve your tan and your mood is by bringing a book or magazine to the beach. We understand that bringing your children to the beach means less time to read a book, but maybe bring a few of their books too. This way when you are ready to read a little, have them come play in the sand near where you are or have them sit under the umbrella and read a little bit of their own book.

Sunglasses, Hats & Shirts

Making sure to pack all three of these items are a must on any vacation you take to the beach. The sun in the south is a lot warmer than it would be up north, and so we want to make sure you are protected. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the suns bright rays and will offer you some relief when trying to keep an eye on your little ones playing. Whether you have a floppy hot or a baseball cap, you will be happy that you brought these along with you. If you feel the kids are getting too much sun on their shoulders, have a light colored shirt to put on them to keep them safe from the sun. Be sure to pack one for each member of your family.

Water Bottles

When you are spending the day in the sun and at the beach, you will want to stay hydrated as well. Throw a few water bottles in the cooler or bring a reusable bottle such as an insulated water bottle as they will keep your drink ice cold all day long. The sun and salt will dry you out so make sure that you have enough water to go around for everyone in your family for the whole day. If you are staying in one of our Oceanfront Condo rentals, then you will be able to go back to refill the bottles.

Baby Powder

Beach Bag Essentials for your Next Vacation

You may not have thought that this would be a must, but it is whenever you go to the beach. Whether you are staying in a vacation rental or you decided to drive your car to the beach access, sand will be all over you when you leave the beach. So, bringing baby powder in your beach bag will magically get the sand off of your body without irritation and leave a nice scent too. This is perfect for everyone in the family and not just the kids.

Beach Spiker & Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever tried to set your drink into the sand only to see it tip over and get sand into the drink? We all hate that, and there is an easier way to set your drinks down. Get yourself a beach spiker where you can place in the sand, and your drink can sit up without the worry of sand in your drink. It can also hold your phone, sunglasses, and Bluetooth speaker. Speaking of Bluetooth speakers, having one on the beach can allow you to listen to music and enjoy the day more. There is no need to purchase an expensive one; anyone will do it!

There are many other items that you can pack into your beach bag for your next trip to North Myrtle Beach, but these are the must have items we thought you should have with you. If you are still looking for a place to stay this summer, then check out our Oceanfront Condo rentals today. We can’t wait to see you and your family as you enjoy the South Carolina Coast!

3 Reasons to Take a Vacation this Fall to North Myrtle Beach

3 Reasons to Take a Vacation this Fall to North Myrtle Beach

Are you and your family looking to get out of town for a few days? If the answer is yes, then allow us at North Beach Vacations to tell you some reason to escape to North Myrtle Beach this fall. Staying with us in one of our North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals will allow you and your family to be able to enjoy the beach a little more. Let’s look below at our three reasons on why you should take a vacation to North Myrtle Beach this fall.


3 Reasons to Take a Vacation this Fall to North Myrtle Beach

Have you ever been to the beach during the fall months? If not, then we need to tell you that the weather is fantastic and a favorite for many. During September, the highs will be around 83° during the day and 68° in the night. October, the temps turn a little cooler with a high around 75° and lows around 56°. While you can still enjoy the sand during October, the water temperatures may be a little too chilly to enjoy. No matter what month you come this fall, we promise that you won’t want to experience the area any other time during the year!

Less Crowded

Another great reason to visit North Myrtle Beach this fall is the crowd level. During the fall months, the kids are back in school, and it’s a great time to visit. You will notice that not only are the beaches less crowded, but the attractions are too. Take the family shopping at some of the outlets as you see that the outlet malls aren’t too crazy. Many families prefer going in the fall months just to beat out the crowds. Just think of how relaxing this vacation will be with the family.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

3 Reasons to Take a Vacation this Fall to North Myrtle Beach

Spending time outdoors whenever you go on vacation is a key thing, especially if it’s at the beach. One thing that you and your family can do is head over to one of the many mini-golf courses and play a round or two together. You will find that not only will it be less crowded, but you may be able to enjoy it a little more with the cooler weather. If it’s an adult-only trip, then why not head on over to a golf course for the day. Golfing year-round in North Myrtle Beach is why many love to vacation here on the South Carolina Coast.

While there are many other reasons to vacation in the fall, these are just a few we wanted to share with you. If you haven’t booked your next trip to stay in one of our North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, now is the time. We hope that you and your family will be able to enjoy a relaxing vacation to the area this fall!  

Enjoy Local Events this Holiday Season in North Myrtle Beach

Enjoy Local Events this Holiday Season in North Myrtle Beach

Have you ever been to North Myrtle Beach during the holidays? If not, then coming this holiday season to North Myrtle Beach is something you have to do. Staying in one of our North Myrtle Beach rentals will keep you close to the events. Let’s take a peek at what you and your family can do while you vacation during the holiday season.

North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade

Enjoy Local Events this Holiday Season in North Myrtle Beach

Join in watching our annual North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade this year. It is happening on Saturday, December 7th from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Your family will be able to watch as many lighted floats come by and represent local groups. Be sure to bring a chair or blanket down so you can sit and watch the parade. What a fun event to join in as your kickoff your holiday vacation!

Christmas Movie Trivia

Another fun event that you can join in is the Christmas Movie Trivia happening on Tuesday, December 10th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. You will find the trivia over at Dave & Busters at Broadway at the beach and it’s an event like no other. This is a free event, but you need to preregister for the event. Come with your friends and family as you see if you can win the trivia challenge on Christmas Movies.

Christmas Show at Alabama Theatre

Enjoy Local Events this Holiday Season in North Myrtle Beach

Have you ever seen one of the famous Christmas shows on the Grand Strand? If you haven’t then you are in for a treat. On Monday December 16th, beginning at 7:30 pm is where you can find The South’s Grandest Christmas Snow held at the Alabama Theatre. Get excited as you listen to classic Christmas carols being sung and dancing is happening. This is one show that you can’t miss when you are on vacation during the holidays this year!

There are many other events that are happening during the holiday season, but we thought you’d enjoy these more. If you haven’t booked your family vacation to visit North Myrtle Beach this month, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and your family as you make new memories this holiday season!


There is Still Time to Visit North Myrtle Beach this Summer

Family Beach Vacation

Are you still looking for a North Myrtle Beach vacation rental for the summer this year? We have numerous properties that you will be interested in to help finish the summer off. Don’t let school begin this year without a family vacation to the beach. Depending on where you’d like to be located, we at North Beach Vacations, can help you find the perfect location for your next trip. Look at a few of our featured properties we have available for you and your family to stay in on your trip to the area.

Featured Properties

Ashworth 104 is an oceanfront condo has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and can accommodate up to 10 people. This unit was upgraded with all new flooring, furniture, paint, cabinets and even granite to help make this feel more like home in 2015. Ashworth Resort is an 18-story building and has an oceanfront balcony for you to sit in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee with your loved one. This resort is family-friendly that has a pool with a lazy river, an oceanfront pool, kiddie pool and a nice relaxing hot tub.

Crescent Keys 707 is an oceanfront condo with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and sleeps  up to 4 people. To help you feel more at home with a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer in the unit . You will have access to 2 lazy rivers, an oceanfront pool, a kiddie pool and a hot tub to relax. Enjoy the breeze on the balcony in the evenings as you listen to the ocean.

Margate Tower 608 is an Oceanview condo in Kingston Plantation with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and sleeps up to 8 people. This condo comes with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, and a balcony for you to enjoy. If it happens to rain during your stay enjoy free Netflix and Wi-Fi while you stay at Kingston Plantation.

There are many things happening in the North Myrtle Beach area such as restaurants, shopping, mini golf and more. Don’t let your summer end without having one last fling to the beach. We can’t wait to see you and help you make new memories!

Summer Specials on North Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

Are you still searching for the perfect North Myrtle Beach vacation rental for your summer vacation this year? Peek at what specials we have to offer you for the rest of July and August with savings up to 40% Off the regular weekly rates.
Nautical_Watch Condo
For the week of July 14, 2018, we have several properties that you might be interested in; Nautical Watch in a 1 bedroom condo that sleeps 6 and is an oceanfront property. If you are worried about doing laundry while on vacation, this unit does offer a washer/dryer. Please note that this property allows a total of 2 cars parking per each unit, is non-smoking and no pets are allowed. You also have access to an outdoor pool as well as a double sun deck.

Another property that you and your family may enjoy for your vacation would be Wyndham Ocean Blvd in a 2 bedroom condo and can sleep up to 8 people! This is an oceanfront resort for you and your family to enjoy! Not only does this resort offer you beautiful views but it also has relaxing pools and even a lazy river for you to go in and relax the day away. This condo does have a fully equipped kitchen, a Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom, a washer & dryer and does have free internet access. This property does allow for 2 cars to park, but does not allow pets and is a non-smoking unit. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing deal!

For the next few weeks there are several other properties that will be perfect for you and your family to enjoy. Island Palms is a 2-bedroom condo on the upper floor that is right across the street from the beach. It also has a small outdoor pool for you to enjoy and it does come with a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer and so much more. Plus, if you want to bring your pet along with you there is a $200 pet fee but your dog is allowed with you. Please note that you will have to park under the building so the height for your vehicle can be no larger than 6’6”. What a neat home for you to make it yours for the week of your vacation!
No matter what you are looking for we at Beachcomber Vacation Rentals have it for you! We want to help you make the best memories while you are vacationing in North Myrtle Beach this summer. If you’d prefer to contact one of our vacation specialists then please call 1-800-334-3798 and they will be more than happy to help you with your reservation.]]>