4 Fun Kid Activities for the Beach

4 Fun Kid Activities for the Beach

Summer for kids means that it’s time for your annual trip to North Myrtle Beach. North Myrtle Beach is a great place that your family can enjoy year after year and spend as much time in the sand. Staying in one of our North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals will keep your family close to where the fun in the sun happens. We have come up with 4 fun kid activities for the beach below.

Do You Wanna Build a Sandman?

4 Fun Kid Activities for the Beach

Think of the snow, think of the cooler weather as your kids build their very own “snowman” out of sand. What a fun activity this can be for kids of all ages to build or build a family of sand people. All you will need is a few sand buckets, several shovels, seashells, driftwood and imagination. Take a picture of each child with their sandman and frame them when you get home.

Play Musical Towels

Play a classic game with the kids by playing musical towels on the beach. Bring your small radio or a smartphone with speakers so you can jam to some tunes. Make sure before you head to the beach for the day that you have enough towels for everyone to play. Then once you are on the sand, lay the towels to make a circle, then it’s time to play musical towels. What a fun way to spend the day and have a good time with the kids!

Tic-Tac-Toe, Three in a Row

4 Fun Kid Activities for the Beach

Just like the game that you play with the kids indoors can now be played outdoors on the sand. This is the best way to enjoy your time on the beach by playing this game with the kids or letting them play on their own. All you need to have is a stick or a shell to draw the boxes for the game and to use to make the X or O. You can always keep a tally on who wins each time the game is played and give the winner a small prize.

Wait, Is That Skeeball?

Yes, this game is normally found in an arcade or on the boardwalk but can now be found on the beach. Make your own skeeball game in the sand by making a small lane and digging about 10 holes into the sand. You will want to make sure that this is in the shape of a triangle for you to be able to play the game right. Also, make sure that you have a small ball that can be used as the “skeeball” to roll down your lane. Keep a tally of who gets the most points and just have a great time playing together with the family!

There are many other things that your kids would love to do on the beach, but we wanted to mention these. If you still haven’t made you reservations for your next North Myrtle Beach family vacation, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and your family as you make new memories together on the sand!

Things to Do this June in North Myrtle Beach

Things to Do this June in North Myrtle Beach

Summer will be here before you know it and that means that the summer fun will begin as well. When you stay in one of our North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, you and your family will be close to where all the fun is. June is the perfect time to take a family vacation as the weather isn’t too hot, the sun is shining, and your week will be filled with a day or two at the beach. But why not take advantage of some of the other fun activities that are happening around town while you are on vacation. Let’s look below at a few of the fun family-friendly things that you can do in the Myrtle Beach area.

Sun Fun Festival

Things to Do this June in North Myrtle Beach

Kick the summer off by coming to Pyler Park for the Sun Fun Festival & Parade on Saturday, June 1st & 2nd. This is a historic festival that is happening in downtown Myrtle Beach and won’t want to miss it. The fun begins on Friday afternoon and will have live entertainment, carnival games and the official “opening ceremony” along the boardwalk. The fun doesn’t stop there as it continues on Saturday for the annual Sun Fun Parade at 10:00 am and the festivities begin again at 5:00 pm. Sunday you and the family will be able to enjoy activities for all ages and more. This event is free to attend so start your vacation off with a bang as you come and celebrate summer vacation with us.

Art Festival Fun

Every June, Brookgreen Gardens have the Brookgreen Art Festival for their visitors to come and enjoy as a family. On June 1st & 2nd from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm you will be able to see some of the area’s most talented artists. You will be able to see some of their artwork and can even enjoy some demonstrations that they will be having each day. This event is free to attend when you purchase the admission into the regular gardens. We hope you and your family will come join in the fun.

Baseball Stadium Fun

Things to Do this June in North Myrtle Beach

Summer is here and that only means that it’s time to take the family to see the Myrtle Beach Pelicans play a game or two. Their baseball season will be in full swing for 2019 and you won’t want to miss a single second of the fun. Tickets to see the game can cost as little as $9 per person and we promise you that there is not one bad seat in the whole stadium. Many of the June home games will include playing against the Wilmington Blue Rocks, the Fayetteville Woodpeckers and the Potomac Nationals. Don’t miss this fun activity with the family as you cheer on our hometown team the Pelicans!

Carolina Country Music Festival

Don’t miss this year’s Carolina Country Music Festival that is back that will bring more than 30 of country’s hottest starts to Myrtle Beach. This is a 3-day event that happens every June and this year’s will not disappoint. Starting on June 6th and ending on June 9th is where you and your family can come and enjoy some of the best singers in the industry. And to help kick off this amazing festival will be Alabama who will be part of the lineup on Thursday, June 6th. Some of the other amazing acts will be Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley, Dan + Shay and more. What a fun event that you and the family can come and rock out to some amazing music! Get your tickets today and spend the weekend with us.

Light Up the Sky

Things to Do this June in North Myrtle Beach

Do you and your family love fireworks but don’t want to wait until the 4th of July? Then have no fear as June is the kickoff to the nightly firework shows. When you and your family are on vacation to the beach each year, you too can experience seeing nightly fireworks from all around the area. If you are in North Myrtle Beach, then we suggest heading over to Barefoot Landing on Monday nights around 10:00 pm. A few other places that you will be able to check out for fireworks are at Broadway at the Beach and at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans games. Be sure to check them out on your next family vacation to the beach.

There are many other fun things that you and the family can do while in the North Myrtle Beach area, but these we thought you’d enjoy more. If you still haven’t made your North Myrtle Beach vacation rental reservation yet, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and the family as you get the summer started here in the North Myrtle Beach area!


4 Winter Activities to do in North Myrtle Beach While on Vacation

4 Winter Activities to do in North Myrtle Beach While on Vacation

Are you vacationing this winter to North Myrtle Beach and not sure what to do? We at North Beach Realty can tell you about the fun winter activities to take advantage of when you come on vacation this year. Myrtle Beach has a ton of things to do and trying to find the right one that fits what your family needs may be in this list. Let’s look at what fun winter activities to take advantage of on your next family vacation.  

Visit Museums

Some of the museum selections that are available in Myrtle Beach may surprise you.  Many of the museums are all family-friendly and great for kids of all ages. The Hollywood Wax Museum where you can “meet” wax celebrities or go through the mirror maze and then do the zombie-themed adventure towards the end of the tour is something fun for everyone. WonderWorks is another museum that you may have never experienced before. This is more like an amusement park in itself and is fun to experience. There are several different hands-on activities, rides and exhibits that your family can take part in such as laying on a bed of nails and more. Who wouldn’t want to do a few days of this on your next vacation?

Enjoy the Scenery

4 Winter Activities to do in North Myrtle Beach While on Vacation

Finding a new adventure when you are on vacation can be fun but seeing what Myrtle Beach has to offer is better. Head on over to the Boardwalk where you can find the Skywheel. Here you and your family can go on a giant Ferris Wheel but it’s not like any other you may have gone onto. The Skywheel is enclosed with air-conditioning for you to enjoy. And we can tell you the views are absolutely amazing and breathtaking! You may find that everyone in the family will fall in love with being able to see what they can see in Myrtle Beach and the ride is a good long one too.

It’s Putt-Putt Time

Many people these days can remember vacationing at the beach and heading over to do a night or two of miniature golf with their family. So, why not start this as a tradition with your family on each vacation you take to North Myrtle Beach? There are plenty of miniature golf places that your family can try out in the area. But pick a few places to try before trying to figure out if it’s the new “family” mini-golf course you want to visit every trip. And you may find that some of your family members will be very competitive too which can be fun for everyone. But just go out and enjoy the day or the evening with your loved ones.

Speed Away

4 Winter Activities to do in North Myrtle Beach While on Vacation

Is your family a little competitive against each other? If the answer is yes, then we suggest heading over to Broadway Grand Prix for a night. Here you will be able to take advantage of racing each other in a round or two of go kart. And we understand that if you have younger children in your family they will want to feel included too in the fun. So, have no fear as there are several things for them to take part in too such as the carousel, kiddie speedway, pro tow and their very own sky wheel. There are also bumper calls for the whole family to enjoy, an arcade, mini-golf and rock-climbing wall. So many different activities for everyone to take part in while they are on vacation!

While there are many other things you can do in North Myrtle Beach while you vacation, we thought you’d enjoy these few. If you happen to be dealing with the cold and winter weather, then come stay in one of our Oceanfront vacation rentals for a little getaway. We can’t wait to see you soon as you make new traditions with your family!

Fall Fishing in North Myrtle Beach

Fall Fishing in North Myrtle Beach

Enjoy some endless family-friendly fun when you come visit North Myrtle Beach. From swimming to golf, you will find countless ways to enjoy your fall vacation. One of the most popular activities around here happens to be fishing. And of course, while staying in one of our Oceanfront vacation rentals, you will be close to 2 different fishing piers. We know that some of the most relaxing fishing can be done on one of the local piers. Below are our picks for the 2 North Myrtle Beach fishing piers.

Cherry Grove Pier

Fall Fishing in North Myrtle Beach

Cherry Grove Pier is a wonderful pier to start fishing at if you have never done so before. Many visitors come to the quaint town of Cherry Grove, SC and was built in the 1950’s. This pier has been family owned since 1965 and many have considered this as an iconic landmark. If you are coming to try out fishing but don’t have any fishing gear, have no fear. Cherry Grove Pier will allow you to rent fishing rods and you can get your fishing license here too. It costs $24 all day to rent a rod with a $30 deposit on it. It will cost you $16 for after 3 pm. And if you don’t feel the need to fish, you can walk the pier for $3. If you bring your own rod then it will be $3 for admission and $7.50 for each rod. They also carry fishing bait and a full line tackle shop as well.

14th Avenue Pier

The 14th Avenue Pier has been around since the 1920’s. It is known to many locals as the historic pier and has the famous Pier 14 restaurant there. The restaurant has been known to many visitors as one of the best restaurants in Myrtle Beach. You can come and rent fishing poles again where it costs $8 plus a $20 refundable deposit. If you are looking to fish with your own gear, then it costs $7 for the fishing pass and $2 for an additional pole. Please note that they do have a pole limit per person so you can only use 2 poles per person. 14th Avenue Pier also has bait in their shop so you are able to grab squid, shrimp, mullet and finger mullet for your fishing trip. They are open from 7 am to 11 pm so don’t miss out on the fun!

Other Fishing Adventures

Fall Fishing in North Myrtle Beach

If fishing off a pier just isn’t for you and your family, then we have a few other fishing adventures you may enjoy. Surf fishing is a big thing for a lot of people to do. It allows you to go down onto the beach, find the perfect spot to put your things down and fish from the surf. You will have to purchase a fishing license from a local bait store or you can purchase it online if you surf fish. If you don’t want to try your hand at surf fishing, then we suggest you give deep-sea fishing a try. This can be a fun day to spend with the family and make memories for a lifetime.

While there are other fishing piers that you can visit in the North Myrtle Beach area, we just thought these three were a good option for you.And if you are still searching for an Oceanfront vacation rental, we have several for you to choose from this fall. We hope to see you this fall while the weather is turning a bit cooler but you can still enjoy the sunshine and beach.